How To Make Giant Bubbles

Dr Zigs have wrritten this brilliant guide on how to get the most out of your giant bubble mix!

They offer different concentrations of mix – mostly for convenience, and also because we’re busy looking to reduce our carbon footprint. So, the less water we ship, the less the weight of the product, the less the size of the product, the smaller the packaging – the lower the carbon emissions, and the lower the cost to you too. A win win!

Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Mix comes in the following: 

  1. Ready-To-Go (RTG) – as it says on the label. No diluting needed, just pour, and bubble!
  2. Triple Concentrate (C3) – this needs diluting with 1 part mix: 2 parts water. Or, one cup mix, two cups water. 
  3. Five times Concentrate (C5) – this needs diluting with 1 part mix: 4 parts water. Or, one cup mix, four cups water
  4. Ten times Concentrate (C10) – this needs diluting with 1 part mix: 9 parts water. Or, one cup mix, nine cups water.  If you’ve got the tiny 100ml bottle this will mix up to give you 1 litre.  If you’ve got the 1 litre bottle this mixes up to give you a whopping 10 litres!


Whichever concentrate, the process is very similar. 

Pour the mix into a container.  You can either use one of our handy Dr Zigs buckets, or a bowl, or even Tupperware.

Slowly add the required amount of water depending on the Dr Zigs mix.

Using, using a spoon or the end of a wand, give the mix a gentle but thorough stir.  Too much agitation adds air, and therefore bubbles into the mix – and you want bubbles in the air not in the bucket – and the frothier the mix, the less well the bubbles will work.

Notes:  C10 in particular – the ten times concentrate – is very viscous.  You will need to take great care when pouring, and it is worth having a pair of scissors handy to cut the mix, as it will not simply stop.  Alternatively, you can use the lid itself to sheer the mix to stop it pouring.  As a fun fact to explore with the kids have a go at Googling ‘Newtonian fluids’ – the polymers we use in the mix mean that the solution nearly has a ‘reverse viscosity’.

Using warm water can help the speed at which the mix goes into solution, but a little patience in stirring will also ensure homogenous, even solution.

We also advise to mix up only as much mix as you need at a time, as pre-diluted mix risks having a much shorter shelf life as it is at risk of contamination.

The amount of mix needed is generally a couple of inches in a container.  Enough to cover the ropes when dipped in.

And there you have it! And now – have HUGE amounts of fun!

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