How To Make Frozen Bubbles

With winter on our doorstep, there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors – Dr Zigs have written a brilliant instructional guide to equip you with all the stuff you need to turn your extraordinary bubble into a beautiful frozen orb!

  1. Wait for a COLD brrrrrr day! The temperature needs to be around freezing and you will need zero to minimal wind.   Wrap up warm!
  2. Get your Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Mix – for frozen bubbles you can dilute this a little further than for our Giant Bubbles – so, for example, if you’re using our 10 x concentrate you could try to make it up with 10 parts water to 1 part mix (rather than the usual 9:1 ratio)
  3. Use a small container for the mix, and dip in in one of our Bamboo Straws
  4. Blow a bubble – approx. 5 – 6 cm in diameter on to a cold surface outside. Try a tabletop, or a wall, or onto snow!  (tip: you may need to moisten this first)
  5. Wait, watch and admire your bubble. Slowly slowly you will see beautiful ice crystals forming on the surface!

Frozen bubbles are of course super fragile.  It is the water content (in our bubble mix it is approx. 97% water) that is freezing.  

Watch what happens as it freezes completely.  Try popping it!  It will pop in a completely different way!

Why not also try to put some bubble mix in a cup and use the straw (or foamer) to blow mountains of bubbles and watch what happens! 

Or you could simply try blowing bubbles from our normal giant wand, by holding your mouth really near the bubble film and giving it a blow!  You can also hold the bubble film out, and just watch the ice crystals growing on that!

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