Business nomination

Ever been to a restaurant and ended up with just chips? Left hungry? Left booooored? Fed up with the vegan option being another meal but with pretty much everything removed?

Well we’re all pretty good at complaining, right? But for those businesses that cater for a vegan lifestyle beautifully (they don’t even necessarily have to be exclusively vegan) we reckon they deserve a THANKS and a GREAT JOB and a ruddy big WELL DONE!

So, if you’ve been somewhere particularly awesome, we want to send them a freebie to say thanks!

If you’ve been to a glorious eatery lately that’s left you feeling included and wholly catered for, nominate them below and we’ll send out a free eco-friendly sticker for their window to let everyone else know it’s a top place to eat!

The sticker we send looks and feels like a plastic sticker (it’s even glossy!), but is actually biodegradable, compostable, is made from wood pulp and printed with vegan friendly inks. It can be stuck indoors or outdoors (although outdoors will last about 6 months).

Pop a little note below and we’ll let them know who they were nominated by and why – because we all need to spread a little kindness, right?

No tricks – Do It Broccoli cover the cost of the sticker and the postage, just as a little thanks.

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