Dr Zigs: Eco Cat Catnip Giant Bubbles


Giant Bubbles for cats! Finally, our bestest furry friends get to play bubbles too!

These bubbles are specially formulated for cats and are catnip scented, vegan, palm-oil free and contain no nuts. 100% safe even if they get a little taste for the mix.

Just like all of their other impressive bubbles these are non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Dr Zigs also donate some of the profits towards their award winning Bubbles Not Bombs projects.

NOTE:  Some cats LOVE chasing/popping bubbles, others don’t. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your cat will totally appreciate these giant bubbles, this is still a fabulous toy for you and your friends – what ever your age – and great for fantastic photos too!

Included is:

  • 40cm wands with multi rope
  • 1litre catnip scented mix in biodegradable bottle

Interactive play, promotes health, good training tool, novel and fun gift suitable for everyone!

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