Dr Zigs: C10 Concentrated Mix 100ml [Makes 1ltr]


Just add 900ml of water to make 1ltr of ready to use giant bubble mix! The new flat bottle allows for less carbon footprint, is more sustainable and fully recyclable.


  • 100ml concentrated mix – enough bubble solution to make 1ltr for more than 1,000 giant bubbles!

Designed for use with Dr Zigs giant bubble wands and hand wands.

These multi award-winning kits and mixtures are all entirely UK made and unlike cheap imports the wands use no plastic – they’re made from sustainably sourced wood with 100% untreated, unbleached cotton ropes – no plasticised string. Dr Zigs are much more eco-friendly than other makes as the non-toxic bubble mix is fully biodegradable, is guaranteed palm oil free and contains no phosphates so it’s better for the environment, for orangutans and for children!

While others promise magic but don’t deliver, Dr Zigs’ are experts in producing the biggest, long-lasting bubbles every time, to make sure your special celebration goes with a …pop!

Those pictures to see of people inside bubbles and Guinness World Records being broken? That’s Dr Zigs.

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