Earth’s Aquarium [Alexander C. Kaufman, Mariana Rodrigues]


Discover the incredible real-life aquariums that have turned our precious planet blue, from seagrass nurseries to open ocean, from deep-sea vents to tropical coral reefs, from mangroves to coastal estuaries. This beautiful book celebrates aquatic life in all its forms, from the great blue whale to the tiniest shrimp.

“An outstanding resource for anyone with an interest in wild water.” — Booktrust 

Alexander Kaufman is an award-winning senior reporter at Huffpost, where he writes about climate change, environmental policy and politics. A Long Island native, he lives in Queens with Amanda Luz Henning Santiago and a cat named Ashitaka.

Mariana Rodrigues creates rich and magical illustrations which are inspired by her love of nature and its surreal forms, real and imagined. She has earned clients in the form of Bombay Saphire, Absolut, Nespresso and Adobe.

Hardback; 370 x 272 mm (P); 80pp
Published June 2021

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