Halfling Meadow Soy Wax Candle 125ml


Inspired by dwarves, elves and wizards, imagine rolling hills and homely holes in this Halfling Meadow heavily scented Eco Soy Plant Wax Candle, 125ml size.

‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.’ Transport yourself to the rolling hills and comforting homely holes of green shires. If you love dwarves, elves and wizards or are into the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings then this is most definitely the candle for you. Most definitely elvish inspired for LOTR fans and book lovers.

A crisp fragrance with fresh blooms, green leaves and lush fruits which effortlessly captures the scent of rolling green shires.

These are painstakingly hand crafted, poured by hand in small batches and made from the very best sustainable natural plant soy wax. Fully loaded to the max with fragrance ensuring each and every one of these soy candles has a heavily scented aroma, evident from the first moment you open that lid.

The eco wicks are environmentally friendly giving a clean burn. 125ml (approx 4.4 oz) candles are 5cm tall & 6.5cm in diameter. All candles are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, eco friendly and presented in recyclable containers. Burn time is 25 hours plus and is dependent on conditions, care of candle, wick trimming etc. Please ensure that you keep the wick trimmed in between burns for a clean burn and optimum scent.

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